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Quantum key distribution was used to transmit ballot results in the 2007 Swiss election.

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Welcome to the Quantum Information Group

The Leeds Quantum Information Group (School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leeds) conducts theoretical and experimental research into various aspects of quantum information processing, and into the implications of the quantum theory of computation for physics itself.

The Experimental Quantum Information group is currently performing quantum information based experiments in strongly coupled cavity QED systems as well as more fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics such as the transition of quantum effects from the microscopic (atoms) to the macroscopic (Schrödinger's Cats). The group are also using atomic coherence effects to search for violations of special and general relativity.

The Theoretical Quantum Information group is interested in all aspects of the field, including the more fundamental issues of quantum entanglement and the foundations of quantum mechanics as well as various practical implementations of quantum computation and development of new algorithms.

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