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Surprisingly, in a gathering of 23 or more people the probability of two people sharing a birthday is greater than half. In a gather of 57 people you can be almost certain that two will share a birthday.

Physics & Astronomy

...from Quantum Information to Biophysics

School of Physics and Astronomy

The group is involved in solving challenges of Modern Theoretical Physics, ranging from Quantum Information to Biophysics. Moreover, Ben Varcoe is currently performing Quantum Information based experiments in strongly coupled cavity QED systems, as well as in more fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics. The group is currently organising one of the biggest International Quantum Information and Communication Conferences (QIPC 2015). We are also involved in two of the four UK Quantum Technology Hubs, NQIT and York.

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Welcoming Dr Papic

16 March 2015

The School of Physics and Astronomy is happy to welcome Dr Zlatko Papic to the...


5 March 2015

Dr Jiannis Pachos from the Theoretical Physics group in the School of Physics...

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